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The Best Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito control is a necessity worldwide. It’s quite annoying to wake up to itchy bites on your skin or worse a deadly disease.

Did you know that mosquitos are also the number one killer in the world?

These seemingly harmless little pests carry dengue and malaria which are proven killer diseases.

Dengue is one of the most common mosquito-borne diseases in the Philippines.

The fatality rate of dengue is 5% and more than a million people are infected with the disease every year.

That being said, mosquito control and prevention should be on every home and business owner’s list of priorities.

You wouldn’t want your family or employees to experience bouts with dengue, yellow fever, and malaria.

Being a tropical country, mosquitos abound here in the Philippines, especially during the summer months.

At J&J Pest Control, our team of professional mosquito removal experts is ready to solve your mosquito infestation problem.

Preventing Mosquito Related Disease is Essential

Mosquito infestations in the Philippines are a common occurrence. This means that measures should be put in place to deal with infestations to prevent diseases from spreading.

Cleaning your surroundings is one way of preventing mosquito problems. Never leave stagnant water for extended periods. Cover water containers and keep them air-tight.

The common places where mosquitoes lay eggs are in old flower pots, tires, outdoor containers, and water puddles.
Installing window and door screens is another great way to minimize mosquitos from entering your premises.

Spraying your home with the usual insecticide will help or you can go for a friendlier approach by planting citronella in your backyard. They are amazing in keeping mosquitos and other insects at bay.

When all these measures fail, you can always call a premier mosquito control expert like J&J Pest Control Services.

We are just a call or message away.

J&J Pest Control Service for all Your Mosquito Control Needs

If mosquitos are becoming a nuisance in your home or business you need to call the experts to solve your problem.

J&J Pest Control Services know that every mosquito control situation is unique. We take your specific situation into account before we come up with the best recommendation.

Let us take care of your problem quickly and efficiently. We guarantee excellent service and fast results.

If you want a mosquito-free environment and enjoy healthy and cleaner surroundings, book an appointment today.

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