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Although they can be an annoyance in our homes, pests can be more destructive and harmful in commercial settings. In order to protect your company from pest infestations, commercial pest control is essential. Pest control ought to be one of your top priorities if you work in the food, pharmaceutical, hotel, or manufacturing industries. Pests can harm your brand’s reputation as well as that of your staff, vendors, and customers.

For any commercial establishment across the nation, John and Jacob Pest Control Services provides dependable and secure commercial pest control solutions. Our team of qualified technicians is prepared to protect your commercial space from all kinds of insects and pests.

Commercial Pest Control Experts in QC

Commercial pest control is different from residential pest control services. The scope of work is bigger in commercial jobs since you need to work quickly in a larger area and provide minimal work disruption. Homes are smaller than business establishments and they attract a certain variety of pests like ants and termites. Businesses are more likely to get rats and cockroaches because the environment is where these types of pests can thrive. Most business owners in central business districts overlook termite infestation because they are in locations where there is no grass or soil around.

In the Philippine context, this is not the case. Termites can access utility and electrical pipelines and work their way into your office space. Termite infestation is often discovered when severe damage has been done. To prevent this scenario from happening, you must schedule an inspection of your premises today. Termites lurk in dark and humid areas that are quite hard to spot. They can find their way through small cracks and gaps which make them quite challenging to find.

At John and Jacob Pest Control Services, our technicians are trained in both residential and commercial pest control services. We can confirm if you have a termite infestation and work on a solution immediately to prevent further damage.

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General Pest Control in Quezon City, MM

If all kinds of pests and insects are becoming a nuisance in your business location you need to call the experts to solve your problem.

Every pest control situation is different, as John and Jacob Pest Control Services is aware of. Before making the best recommendation, we consider your particular situation.

Let us take care of your problem quickly and efficiently. We guarantee excellent service and fast results.

If you want a pest free environment and enjoy healthy and cleaner surroundings, book an appointment today.

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Commercial Pest Control - FAQS

One of the most regularly used chemicals in pest control is boric acid. This substance can be taken from both rocks and water sources. It can come in multiple forms, such as powder and pellets. Boric Acid is considered a safer alternative than more hazardous synthetic chemical pesticides.

Not all commercial pest control providers are the same. You want a provider who instills the confidence you need, so you can turn your attention to other, more important things. That means a licensed and experienced provider with extensive experience in commercial pest control and servicing facilities like ours. An award-winning training program and an unsurpassed satisfaction guarantee don’t hurt either.

Common examples of physical pest control include removing or destroying nests, blocking holes, windows or doorways, temperature control methods to kill pests, or setting traps to catch pests and then remove them from the area.

Expect to see baited traps in these areas as well as rodent poison. Rodenticide correctly deployed on the exterior of a house may be the preferred method for getting rid of mice. Traps are effective solutions, but the correct use of rodenticides is best for complete extermination.

At the first signs of a pest infestation, you might be tempted to buy some sprays or traps to take on the problem yourself. However, hiring a pest control professional will often save you time, money, and effort in the long run

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