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Why You Require Termite Control Quezon City, MM

Termite Control Quezon City MM

If you intend to protect against damages to your home’s framework, termite control in Quezon City, MM needs to be among your top priorities. Termites go to the top of the list of a lot of destructive insects in the world.

There have been countless buildings and structures that have been damaged by these pests which have resulted in big financial losses for owners.

Right here in the Philippines, around 90% of residential or commercial property damage is caused by termites, which makes them the number one enemy of property owners.

You’ve invested a huge amount of money in developing your property so you just can’t sit back and see termites damage what you’ve worked hard for. When it comes to termite problems, you require to depend on professionals for the best termite control solutions for your particular needs.

What are the Types of Termites Found in the Philippines?

We have high moisture in the country which is among the factors that are prone to termite problems. Homeowners all over the Philippines have encountered termite problems which is why termite control in Quezon City, MM is a must for all homeowners. Immediate action is needed when you suspect a termite problem because termites can do plenty of damage quickly and you might not even recognize that they exist. Carrying out a Do It Yourself solution is out of the question in this scenario since the architectural integrity of your building is at stake. This scenario is different from a roach issue where a DIY option may work in resolving the scenario.

Four kinds of termites thrive in the Philippines


  • Philippine Milk Termite

One of the most devastating kinds of termites since they will eat anything in their course that contains cellulose. Cellulose is an organic compound found in dead trees, plants, and timber. Their workers are white in color while their soldiers give off a white substance called latex. They can nest in wet wood and they can be found all over the nation.

This type is accountable for over 90% of termite damage to wood structures in Metro Manila and other urban cities.

  • Micro Los Baños Termite

These termites are light-colored and their soldiers can be misinterpreted as larvae of beetles or other insects by the untrained eye. They have a lengthy rectangular head with horn-like mandibles that makes it faster for them to consume their food.

  • Macro Termite

This kind of termite build mounds which are frequently called “punso” in the provinces. They can be located in your yard and are considered a big termite species. A common kind found not just in the Philippines but in other countries too. They delight in softer portions of the timber while leaving the harder parts undamaged.

  • Luzon Point Head Termite

Dark-colored with a pointed head shape, this type of termite produces narrow mud tubes unlike all other types found in the nation. Soldiers have no jaws and they like to eat wood sap.

  • Do You Have a Termite Infestation?

Here are methods to recognize a termite infestation in your house. You begin with your attic room, fuse boxes, and all of your home’s cracks and joints.

  • Mud Tubes
    As we mentioned above, the Luzon point head termite likes to create their own “expressways” by constructing mud tubes to link the wood they consume to the dirt. These tubes are as wide as a ballpen and spotting them may mean that you have an invasion in your hands. If you fail to find live termites in the mud tubes does not mean that you are out of the woods. Call your termite specialist to perform an assessment right away.
  • Hollow Wood
    Termites are attracted to dark and humid areas which is why they seldom feed upon outer wood. This makes them difficult to find and usually, you find them when they have done big damage already and at times irreversible damage.

    Try touching on your timber and if you hear a hollow sound, you have a termite issue that you need to solve. To be sure, you can make use of a screwdriver and attempt to push it right into your timber. If the timber gives quickly, you need to call your termite firm immediately.
  • Peeling Paint
    Once termites eat your drywall, moisture will go into the area which causes your paint to bubble or peel. Although gurgling and peeling paint may happen due to other factors, it’s much better to check things out to know if termites are the cause of the issue.
  • Termite Droppings
    Just like other pests that invade our homes, termites leave droppings which often look like wood shavings. You can spot them near window sills or less frequented locations like cellars and attic rooms.
  • Live Termites
    Seeing live termites is a sure sign that you have a problem. As long as you do not mistake them for flying ants, you must call your pest control company at once and ask for an assessment. An experienced termite control company knows how to find entry points, determine colonies and come up with a long-term treatment plan that can save your property. They can also make certain that you will be secured from future invasions. John & Jacob Pest Control Service for all Your Termite Control Quezon City, MM Needs

Ignoring termites in your house or business can endanger the architectural integrity of your property. If you think that you have termites of any variety discussed above, give us a call at once.

Prevent losing your valuable investment by doing something about it and getting rid of these pests right away.

At John & Jacob Pest Control Services understand that every termite control situation is not the same each time.

Termite Control Quezon City MM

We identify your particular situation before we think of the best solution to fix the infestation.  Allow us to deal with your problem quickly and effectively. We guarantee outstanding service and fast results.

If you want a termite-free environment and appreciate healthy and cleaner environments, book an appointment today. Avail John & Jacob Pest Control Services termite control in  Quezon City MM, and save your home from more damage today.

Give us a call at 0956 175 3937 or send us a message on our website.

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