Technician Supervisor

Our Pest Control Team

We are committed in providing the best pest control services in the Philippines. 

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of all our clients.

Let our team of experts help you get rid of your pest at your home or businesses.  

Pest Control Technician Supervisor

Our Pest Control Technician Supervisor, Gilbert Orcasitas from North Caloocan City. With extensive training and workshops on pest control, equipped with proper knowledge and skills. He is an expert in his field. He is a former OFW a proud father of 3,who has the right attitude, committed to serve your needs and will guarantee you a 5 rating pest control services.

Pest Control Technician

Also from North Caloocan City, this technicians is a former member of a dance group and is now part of our team. His determination and passion for his craft has made him a valuable asset.

Pest Control Technician

He has a number of experience from different pest control company and has hold different positions in his 5 years career as a pest control technicians. Our company still continue to develop all our people through training for their growth and advancement for we value our people very much!  

Pest Control Technician

He has developed different skills in different business. He is a flexible technician that can easily adopt to trainings and other responsibilities the company can give him from time to time. We believe that our people talents and skills are relevant characteristics of a well rounded person who can uphold the companies vision and mission. We also believe that “Happy people is also a Happy Company”.