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Pest control prevention and management in Pasig City MM is the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, an organism that impacts adversely on human activities.

Pests can be animals, plants, fungi, or microbes. This means it’s quite hard to define exactly what is and isn’t considered pest control as often there are different points of view.

However, pest control is usually considered to be the people who help in this regulation or management acting as “pest controllers” whose activities consist of finding out how to reduce the population of a pest species below its potential economic damage. The use of pesticides has been successfully used for this purpose for thousands of years, however, as a result of their indiscriminate use, environmental damage, and health concerns, there has been an increased need for alternative methods.

Pest Control Method in Early Civilization

Pest control is a serious business worldwide, especially with the rise in global food prices and the effects of climate change on growing seasons.

Furthermore, many pests are ​vectors for serious diseases affecting humans and livestock. Pests have been a human problem since we started to keep food stores, so it is not surprising that pest control efforts date back to early civilization.

The earliest form of pest control was likely the removal or destruction of the pests’ food sources or habitats. This may be due to an inherent bias towards menial work for slaves and lower classes, which meant that early efforts involving manual collection must have had some degree of success.

In Ancient Greece and Rome, household slaves kept cats to keep rodents away from stores of grain. In medieval Europe, feudal landowners were expected to maintain the houses and manors their ancestors had occupied in return for the tenure of land. However, peasants may have been required to cede some control of the pest control projects to the lord in return for protection.

One early strategy was to place a dead animal carcass right outside the home or storeroom; this would attract pests such as flies and rats, which would feed on it instead of on available food sources. However, this practice could be quite dangerous for other species than the target species, e.g. humans and dogs could be infected with tapeworms originating from the rat’s intestine.

Another early solution was to place a piece of rock containing either “saltpeter” or “dung” (from animals such as chickens or cows) in or near the building; the former would repel ​insects, the latter rodents

The next advancement in pest control was “natural” repellents, which are still used today. Natural repellents are made from essential oils extracted from plants, e.g. catnip, mint, lavender, and thyme contain natural insecticides called nepetalactone/linalool. Insecticides have been used from ancient times in agriculture and have been used to keep crops free from pests, but insects have also been beneficial in preying on the locusts and other agriculturally problematic animals. However, insecticides work through a non-specific effect on all insects so they are sometimes less effective than specific treatment against certain species.

In addition, crop rotation is often done to help reduce pest control. Crop rotation is the practice of growing two or more different types of crops in one area, to avoid soil-borne diseases and pests that might build up over time. Finally, biopesticides are pesticide materials derived from natural sources like animals, plants, bacteria, or certain minerals. The use of all these techniques and practices is extremely important for pest control and they should be implemented as soon as possible, especially in the case of weeds, insects, and rodents.

However, as mentioned before, it’s hard to define what is and isn’t considered pest control. A lot of people include planting flowers, which attract bees and butterflies (which ultimately means they’re included in pest control) but on the other hand bees and butterflies are also seen as beneficial species because of their ability to pollinate plants.


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Different Methods and Techniques for Pest Control

Pest control for Residential or Commercial can come from different methods and techniques.

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  • Chemical – most common technique which includes the usage of insecticides and herbicides. A solution of chemicals is applied to the area in order to kill pests, perhaps by poisoning them or suffocating them. Obviously, this is not always safe for humans to use around the house or garden. People have been known to become ill from breathing it in or by coming into contact with it. The solution can also be dangerous to other animals, so care should be taken when using them around pets or children. Chemicals should be used with caution and only by people who are experienced in using them.
  • Biological – involves introducing a predator or parasite of the pest to the environment. This could be used to help control pests if it’s an animal that feeds on it (e.g. praying mantis). encouraging natural predators, for example, ladybirds to breed in the environment. Another form of biological control is using parasites – these are bugs that live off another species, meaning they reduce their numbers without directly harming them. Many biocontrol agents have been released into the wild with limited or no research on possible effects on non-target species. Unfortunately, there are also problems with this too – for example, predators may have trouble gaining the upper hand over the much larger pest, and this method may simply be too dangerous in a home situation.
  • Natural predators – encouraging or releasing beneficial organisms like predators and parasites (insects) to eat the pests; using traps such as mouse traps or flypaper traps. Using the “buddy system” along with good sanitation practices can be beneficial in preventing pest infestations. Closely related to this is cleaning up any spillages or messes as soon as they happen so that pests do not have an easy food source available. A very important part of pest control prevention is simply sealing off entry points. This can be as simple as using things like steel wool to plug up small holes or gaps around pipes that may allow insects into one’s home or building structure, or it can involve hiring a pest control professional with experience in sealing structures if the problem is widespread.
  • Genetic Engineering – which is seen as a future solution for pest control. This process has raised issues for some with organic farming.


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Pests are organisms detrimental to the environment in which they live. Pest control is meant to regulate or manage pest populations, to protect human activities. However, pest management practices vary widely across time and place (depending on environmental conditions). A lot of methods are available to help keep pests under control, but it is important to remember that most have little impact on beastly pests. John & Jacob Pest Control Services around Pasig City has the knowledge and technology to ensure a pest-free environment for your property.

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Pest control can be done in several ways and each method has its pros and cons. Hiring pest control experts will help you deal with these organisms such as rodents, beetles, termites, wasps, mosquitoes, roaches, bed bugs, termites, and fleas. John & Jacob Pest Control Services will work with you to assess the level and type of infestation and then set out a plan to eradicate the pests from your home. We will give you the most effective service and assure you of health safety.

We understand that homeowners want solutions that are not only safe for the environment but safe for humans and pets alike. Traditional methods utilize chemicals that smell bad and are unsafe for humans and pets. At John & Jacob Pest Control Services, we use only green pest control solutions that are effective and safe for everyone involved. If you want the best in pest control and have a great customer experience give us a call today. Our pest control specialists are ready to take your call. Please check our ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5-star reviews to guarantee our reliable pest control services


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