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Pasig Pest Control: Misconceptions and Facts

Pest Control Pasig City Metro ManilaThere are many myths and misconceptions about pest control, but most of the time these myths turn out not to be true.

Pest control is a complex process that requires knowledge, experience, and the latest technologies to deal with any pest problem effectively.

Myth #1: “Only professionals should perform pest control”
Many pest problems can be solved by homeowners themselves, using readily available materials and having some knowledge of the pests’ life cycle. This does not mean that homeowners should attempt to solve their pest problems alone, though, since professional pest control companies are equipped with the latest tools and technologies available for killing pests.

Myth #2: “Only professionals can apply pesticides safely”
There is no reason why homeowners cannot use various types of pesticides safely and effectively. Certain precautions should be followed, though, including knowing which pest is infesting your property in order to choose the right pesticide.

Myth #3: “All pesticides are equally effective”
Most professionals use chemical pesticides that are not very toxic for humans and other non-target organisms. There are some chemicals (e.g., organophosphates) that pose a health hazard to humans and pets, therefore caution must be used when applying these products.

Myth #4: “I can stop using pesticides once the infestation is gone”
It is important to understand that pests will return unless you prevent them from coming back. Some pest control companies continue offering their services after the pest is gone because they know that pests can recur.

Myth #5: “I should use more pesticides to get rid of the infestation”
Excessive use of chemical pesticides applied at repeated intervals will increase exposure, resulting in adverse effects on humans and other species. Under heavy pressure from pest management companies, people tend to use more pesticides in a desperate effort to solve their pest problems.

Other Common Pest Control Myths Vs. Reality

Myths about pest control can cause problems for homeowners and businesses alike. Some of the most common myths surrounding pest control:

Myth: Rats and mice spread disease, so it’s best to kill them as quickly as possible and not use poison.

Reality: This is a common myth that can lead to poor pest control practices. While it is true that sometimes rodents carry some diseases, the spread of those diseases can be prevented through proper sanitation, exclusion, and trapping. The use of poison actually prevents the spread of disease by killing rodents quickly and humanely.

Myth: Pesticides are only used for outside pests.

Reality: This myth can lead to problems if a homeowner believes they do not need professional service because they have never seen a pest inside the house.

Myth: A pest problem is solved once pests are gone.

Reality: Pests can reenter the structure easily because of open doors and windows, or holes in walls created by other pests like mice or termites.

Myth: Since most rodents live outside, there must not be any in my home.

Reality: They’re in your home and you just don’t see them.

Myth: Poisons are dangerous to pets and children, so I should deal with pests myself.

Reality: You may not see or experience the damage from these hidden rodents, but over time it’s building up to something that can be harmful to your family.

Myth: The pests will eventually go away.

Reality: They’re there to stay, and you’ll have to continue using poisons or traps even after initial success in ridding them from your home because they keep coming back.

Myth: Rodents only come into the home in cold weather.

Reality: There are many reasons why pests come into your home; removing one source may keep them out for a while, but they often return as long as other food and shelter sources last.

Myth: Putting out poison is an effective way to get rid of rodents.

Reality: You may get results initially, but you’ll need to keep putting out poisons if you want them to stay gone for good.

Pest situations should be addressed quickly to avoid worsening the problem, including further infestation or damage. Pests can reproduce fast, so a small problem can be a bigger one. There are many ways that a person can reduce a pest problem and you can hire a professional pest control company like John & Jacob Pest Control Services Pasig City MM to eliminate them in and around the home, apartment building, or office.

The Top- Most Pest Control Company in the Philippines

Pest Control Makati, MMPreventive measures are the best way to ensure that you will not have to deal with any further pest problems in the future but always have a licensed pest control company on standby to deal with future infestations. A pest control professional will use all effective products available to do the job at a cost-effective price, not just a single method of poisoning.

Pasig Pest Control Services by J&J will provide a thorough inspection and recommend the safest and most effective method or solutions to prevent future re-infestations, prevent the pests from coming back, or eliminate pests in your area. Hiring our pest control experts will help you deal with these organisms such as rodents, beetles, termites, wasps, mosquitoes, roaches, bed bugs, and fleas. We are one of those experts who will give you the most effective service and assure you of health safety.

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